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Having the necessary ability and experience, we aim to become the leading producer and supplier of plastic compounds and recycled polymers in South-East Europe.


Romcarbon promots the concept of circular economy through recycling of plastics and their transformation into secondary raw materials. Thus, Romcarbon actively participates in achieving the objectives set by the European Union to recycle 75% of packaging waste by 2030 and to reduce the wastage quantity reaching the landfill to a maximum 10% in the same timeframe. Our mission is to produce eco-efficient plastics by turning wastage into resources, offering our customers an alternative to replace virgin raw materials with sustainable raw materials obtained by recycling of technological and post-consumer waste.


  • Partnership (with our esteemed customers and suppliers)
  • Involvement
  • Innovation

Thinking forward(Re) Building Plastics

Years of experience

mil. € investment

tons processed yearly


Relying on 65 years of experience in plastics, Romcarbon provides its customers a wide range of renewable raw materials, recycled and virgin plastic compounds, manufactured at highest quality standards, offering advantages in terms of cost, quality and the speed of delivery.


The production unit is equipped with state-of-art double-screw extruder, having the ability to blend a variety of polymers and thermoplastics with additives, pigments, fillers and reinforcing materials. As regards the plastic waste, before reaching the extrusion they are washed and sorted densitometrically, optically and electrostatically, using specialized machines. The size of obtained plastic fractions is further reduced by crushers that bring them to the optimum size for regranulation.


Our laboratory is fully equipped to meet a variety of requirements to ensure remarkable quality control and to offer the right solutions to our customers. In addition to the mechanical properties of polymers (tensile strength, elongation, compression), we also check the composition (DSC, FTIR), aging resistance, melt flow index, impact strength, viscosity, softening temperature, optical properties (opacity, color).

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