Quality conditions
General condition for the acceptance of the waste on the Romcarbon recycling facility
The non-hazardous plastic waste:
  • Has to be selectely collected, on plastic waste category
  • Must`t be mixed with hazardous waste
  • Must`t contain hospital waste
  • Must`t contain household waste
  • Must`t contain metal waste
  • Must`t contain dirt and oil
  • Must`t contain auto supplies
  • The moisture must`t exceed 0.5%
  • Must`t contain radioactive waste
  • Must`t contain WEEE
  • Must`t contain any of the below symbols
Way of packing:
The waste is accepted:
  • Baled, minimum 14 tons on a 20 tons capacity truck;
  • Packed in big-bags, minimum 18 tons on a 20 tons capacity truck;
In exceptional cases we can accept bulk waste.