Regenerated raw materials

The regenerated raw materials we produce came from post- industrial or post-consumer wastage and can be used in extrusion, injection or blow molding application. Thus, we can offer a competitive and sustainable alternative to virgin plastics.

In our laboratory are continuously monitored the main characteristics of the wastage we process, of the recycled materials and of the plastic compounds we produce: melt flow index, impact strength, density, elastic modulus etc. Our specialist team is ready to work for you and to provide you with all the support for identifying the right material.

Our product range includes both standard and tailored made materials, according to our client`s requests (in alloys with various additives, fiberglass, talc powder, calcium carbonate, flame retardants etc.). Choose the materials posted on our site or ask us a new challenge:

Post-consumer or post- industrial recycled polypropylene for injection. Available colors: mix color, black.


Recycled high density polyethylene, post-consumer, for general purpose.                      


Post-consumer recycled polystyrene, for general purpose. Available color: white, light grey, black.


Types of recycled ABS for both extrusion and injection. Available colors: light grey, dark grey, black.